Why I Get Up In The Morning

God, my Lord and Savior Jesus and...

My babies. I am so blessed beyond measure.  Being their Mom is the greatest gift.  All three (plus my Son-in-Law) are talented, smart and beautiful inside and out.  I wouldn't trade anything for each moment I have with them. 
 I also have a sweet fur baby named Macy that makes my days brighter. She is the sweetest, most gentle dog I have ever known.  There have been times when I was sick and she wouldn't leave my side or when I am sad she just seems to know and leans on me a little more.  She is my baby, not to mention she keeps my feet warm at night!

And now I have reluctantly fallen head over heals in love with this giant lapdog.  She thinks she weights about 8 pounds and should sit in your lap, lay in bed with you and all together make sure you know you are loved. Her name is SC, like the State, and she is incredibly smart (too much for her own good at times.)  So between her and her older, albeit smaller sister, I literally have to get out of bed every day to let them out! 


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