Who is Michelle?

Strong, Smart and Southern….

I am strong. I had to say good-bye to one life and dig down and find and new one and this one keeps teaching me how strong I truly am.  There seems to be a new challenge on the horizon almost daily.  So, I welcome you to Michelle 2.0!  I have blogged for years but have taken quite a break and now find myself wanted to try it again...just the 2.0 version!

Smart, that is a word I still don't embrace well, but I am getting there.  I am finishing a degree all the while working full time, being a single Mother and trying to stay involved with my church and community growth as well.  I write for a local paper and yes, try to blog too!.  So, I am figuring out that I am a pretty smart cookie...

And probably, most decidedly I am Southern. I am a Belle…a Southern Belle.  I die for monograms, magnolias, cotton fields, sweet tea, Spanish moss, azaleas, biscuits, front porches, tailgating, manners, Southern fashion designers, babies in smocking, and the smell of pluff mud. I was a sorority girl, who reared a sorority girl and have boys who plan to marry sorority girls, and I know pearls go with everything.

I am a divorced Mom to 3 children.  We also share our family with a sweet blonde cocker spaniel named Macy who seems to find naps the best form of recreation - well that and digging up my yard - along with  a German Shepard (oh law!) named S.C. so there is a lot of love around.

I am a Social Media junkie but not a computer techie. Exercise is not my friend. I love flowers and gardens and on occasion, cooking. Books are my weakness and escape. I wish on stars and love nothing better than laying on a quilt looking at the moon. I am learning patience and to wait while also trying to travel more because I want to see more of the world as soon as possible...before the time is up. I have met more new friends in the past year than the entire decade before and they have often been what got me through the day.  I am all about conquering fears and moving ahead with my new life...anyone want to teach me to about investing?

Oh...and I have a bit of a problem with aging…especially that gracefully part.

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