About Me...

I am finishing my bachelors degree with an MBA in my crosshairs. I try to clean house too....try being a very important word here. I am a divorced, single Mom to 2 grown children and one teenager which adds seasoning to the stew.  Pulling a totally new life together a few decades late has had it's share of challenges, some thrilling, some painful but all full of growth.  Determination is something I have had to define as a goal in itself and I am still finding my way.
Things that make me swoon... Clear nights full of stars, new books, laughing until you cry, being kissed sweetly on the sidewalk as rain begins to fall, gorgeous shoes, bling (yes...I love bling!) holding hands and learning who I finally am. Of course, my favorite things are my children, our furbabies, flowers, the smell of pluff mud, moonlight, exploring and traveling, the smell of mountain air first thing in the morning. I love clothes, shoes and the perfect shade of nail polish all the while enjoying the outdoors (who says you can't be cute when you are outside?) 
I am a daughter of the one true King and am thankful everyday for His grace, mercy and forgiveness because I mess up a lot....like really a lot. I am trying hard to "Be the CHANGE," and wear compassion, mercy, grace and kindness, because I am  perfectly imperfect....but forgiven.
Live Thankfully.

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