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I try to clean house, cook, work and go to school....try being a very important word here. I am single and a mom to 2 grown children who live on their own and one teenager still in the nest, which adds seasoning to the stew.  Pulling a totally new life together a few decades late has had it's share of challenges, some thrilling, some painful, but all full of growth.  Determination is something I have had to define as a goal in itself and I am still finding my way.
Recently I have realized why I couldn't quite get my groove back in blogging and it comes down to being in a different season of life and financial stress and needing to do some growing and learning.  So, this morning, it came to me that I needed to start putting out what my challenges are to help gain some self-accountability and have a way to measure my growth.  The things I used to love to write about...being a wife, mother and homemaker just don't fit anymore because although I am still a Mom, I am not a wife and I barely have time to vacuum, much less be a homemaker.  I miss those things but life makes you accept the changes and now I think (hope I know) where my direction should be here on this blog.   The last few years have been hard and I am finally ready so say "no more" and learn how to work my life out.  So, join me in walking where ever this new path leads.

I am a daughter of the one true King and am thankful everyday for His grace, mercy and forgiveness because I mess up a lot....like really a lot. I am trying hard to "Be the CHANGE," and wear compassion, mercy, grace and kindness, because I am  perfectly imperfect....but forgiven.

Live Thankfully.

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