Monday, May 21, 2018

Don't let a financial set back become a dead end.

I mentioned last week really messed with my planned budget, well this week has started no better.  My DS's car is in the shop and although they have not finished diagnostics yet, I know the bill is creeping close to $600 already.  Yes, for a few minutes this morning I pretty much had a melt down about this; but then I just thanked God for the challenges and know I will figure it out.  So, my budgeting is not working as smoothly as it does in the movies....I am still sticking to it!  I will get his car paid for on Friday and hopefully we will be good to go.  I will pay cash for it.  THAT is the best part.  I have had to change some plans to accommodate this unexpected expense but, due to my being sick, it is probably for the best anyway...see God is in this thing.

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