Tuesday, April 24, 2018

What are your challenges?

When it comes to money, what are you tackling or what  challenges have you overcome?  I am very interested in hearing how other people have faced this scary part of life and what you would like to do differently, what you have done differently, how you have learned to be a better steward of your financial health. 

Hearing what other are doing to keep on track is not a selfless question. I want to learn from others on the same path, even if you are way ahead of me.  Also, please share what your favorite money/budgeting blogs are - especially if you know of ones focusing on the unique challenges of single parents. I find many great budgeting/money blogs that focus on families (2 parent families) but haven't found many with single parents and their challenges.  I know you are out there! I don't want to walk this walk alone and hope to find others who have this same interest!   

Looking forward to finding new inspiration and learning from my fellow sojourners!


  1. Hi Michelle,
    We were getting adjusted to hubby retiring recently. Surgery that was unexpected and not covered by insurance just happened, well one of them there are to be two and that can be expensive. That is one of our latest unexpected expenses. Have to dig down into savings...One of life's challenges. I learned to just take it one day at a time and keep on stepping. Dolly

  2. For me it is knowing how much to put away for retirement. I didn't have a lot of guidance when I first started working and feel so behind. One way I save is only allowing myself to eat out once a week. Granted I do break it on occasion but work hard not too.


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