Saturday, April 21, 2018

If you can, please help....Tracy's Go Fund Me Page

This is a photo of my sweet friend, Tracy.  She is an amazingly strong Christian and always comes with an extra dose of Jesus to share when someone else needs it.  Unfortunately, for the past few years she has battled not 1, but 2 brain tumors...they have names Tilly & Willy.  As she says, "if they are going to be around for a while they ought to have names."  Who can argue with that?

I can tell you she is a tiny ball of fire with a fighting spirit that can't compare.  Not only does she battle these tumors but she is also now dealing with additional medical complications. She is still working full-time PLUS and takes care of her ailing grandmother.  She amazes me.  She always has a spirit of joy to give.  Of course, she has medical insurance but we all know that with the high deductibles her costs have skyrocketed over the years she has been battling these buggers.  Pray and move as you feel you can. Her Go Fund Me Page is located here: Tracy's WIN!  If you can help take a little of the stress off of her life you will be a blessing beyond compare.  Thank you!!!!

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