Sunday, July 9, 2017

Come into the Garden...

I don't think I have mentioned that we recently started attending a new church.  When I mean "new," I mean brand "new."  It is a church that grew from the church we have long attended and still love and pray the best future for; but it seems God has led us to this new church called The Garden Church.    Currently we are meeting in the borrowed space of a local deli so it is different sitting in a booth as opposed to a traditional pew on Sunday Morning!  Today makes 3 months since the birth of The Garden Church and God has shown up in so many ways.  One really unique experience is hearing others be so open, in a public forum, as to how God is working in their lives. I can't say I am ready to stand in front of a crowd and share my testimony....yet, but I am always amazed and marvel at those who can.
The Garden Church came into existence as I was going through a lot of personal conflict in my own spiritual life and I can't ignore that "coincidence." Right now, I am not sure what being part of The Garden will mean to me in my life, or exactly how/if I fit,  but I know that God has wonderful plans with this new body. This morning as we shared the somber and promise filled experience of the Lord's Supper, I was honored to sit among old friends and new, and know that God has a plan for this church and that He also has a plan for me.  It may not be my plan, it probably won't be in my timing, nor will it probably make me comfortable but there is a plan...I just have to stop trying to control it and let HIM use me as He wants.  

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