Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bangs Versus Botox

We probably all know someone who has given in and done the Botox dance…hey, maybe “we” are the one???  Maybe we snuck into our dermatologist office to get a little lift and fill, or maybe we laughed nervously as we passed wine and cheese at a friend’s Botox party as we awaited our turn at the end of the needle…tiny as it may be.  Either way I bet you have thought about it, even if you would never do it.  Who doesn’t think those little lines would be nice if they just went away? Actually a good friend of mine recently had it done and she said she did OK until they got to the little lines on the outside of her eyes and then she got a little woozy and there was a little bruising.  She was pretty pleased with the results though.

All that is well and good for the brave heart amongst you…but I am a wimp.  Literally, the idea of you sticking a needle in my face…albeit a little needle, FOR FUN, just doesn’t quite make me able to sit still.  Now, there are certain cosmetic procedures that I feel I could endure but for some reason the tiny needle in my face is not one of them!  So, as I sat at my dressing table the other day, I pondered how to handle this dilemma of the particularly annoying lines forming on my forehead (of course, I was reminded of that hysterical scene in Christmas with the Cranks where Tim Allen’s character had a little tooooo much of the Botox love going on.)  And I was struck with an idea straight from God himself of how I could avoid the little needle and hide the lines without duct tape being involved…BANGS!  Why had I not thought of this before????  So, like any good Southern girl I called my Aunt (who happens to be my age…don’t ask as it will forever be a bizarre little tale of how my Mother and Grandmother were pregnant at the same time…back in the dark ages) for her opinion on bangs.
Boy howdy, was she all for it.  In her words, “I tried to let mine grow out the last time I got a haircut. I made it about 3 weeks or a month and then gave up. I trimmed them one morning before work and BAM…it made my whole head look practically marvelous immediately!  It was a miracle. I’m a bangs fan for myself…I mean it…even the BACK looked better that day.”  So, there I sat totally convinced I had completely solved my latest obsessive struggle with aging and then she added, “Fat solves winkles to some extent as well. I’ve somehow mastered wrinkles WITH fat.  Oh well.  Whatever. 

Hey what can I say, my pool of advisers can have a unique perspective from time to time but you gotta love them and I promptly made an appointment with my sweet, precious hairdresser (who also doubles as a therapist of the best kind, not to mention does the BEST blowouts on the face of the earth!)  Needless to say she was a bit wary when I rushed in and said “cut ‘em off” with what appeared to be a spur of the moment idea (it was!) especially since she was more than familiar with my mental state over the last few months.  But, she did it and I lived with it…and not seeing where the little places where the needles would need to go anymore was comforting.  Then low and behold I decided I needed a whole new do and I think, I really do, that I have saved myself from the little needles just a bit longer.   

Bangs win over Botox….hands down!

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  1. I have a neighbor who has a bumper sticker that says "Bangs Before Botox"! I love it!

  2. SOOOO, where are the pictures??? before and afters????:):):)

  3. I think I would have to go back to bangs too. The idea of a needle coming at my face and it is not necessary isn't going to happen.

  4. You absolutely cannot post something like this w/o photo documentation!!! :-D PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!! <3


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