Monday, July 30, 2007

THANK you, Sandy!!!

Have you ever just had your socks blessed off by someone you have never met??? Well, if not, let me tell you it is a treat beyond words. Last week was a bit rough around the edges for me and one day my mail lady rang the bell and handed me a package. I love getting packages, just makes me all excited!!!

When I opened it I was just thrilled (and so was my DD) as it was the cutest, cutest, cutest (did I say cute???) handmade cigar box purse made by Sandy over at I love to Dream, Live to Create, and Hope to Inspire !

She even sent us step by step instructions and some extra supplies to make more of these adorable purses on our own. Sandy is a wonderful artist and teacher and I hope to one day get to travel and sit in her classroom and attempt to paint some of the gorgeous projects she does. She is also a military wife, which in my mind, makes her 2nd TO NONE and I am eternally grateful for the sacrifices she and her family make for mine… hope she knows how thankful I am for that…and that cute, pink purse!

All we have left to do is insert DD's monogram into the little frame and it will be ready to roll!
Doncha love it?


  1. How adorable and how nice of Sandy to this. You daughter is just beautiful...she looks like her mom.

    Hugs, Lyndy

  2. precious! love pink and black together...

  3. Awww . . . that is the cutest purse. Beautiful daughter too! xoxo

  4. Your daughter is gorgeous! So glad that she likes the purse and hope I sent enough supplies for you to make another.

  5. cute! cute! cute!...the purse and your daughter.

  6. Your daughter is so pretty... looks just like you.

  7. Thanks everyone of the sweet compliments on DD...I think she is just gorgeous, too (biased???most definately).


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