Friday, June 15, 2007

Tiny Blooms and Hummingbirds.....

Aren't these pretty? They are some of my all time favorite flowers! They are double impatiens. They remind me of tiny rose buds but are so much more delicate and fragile. Unfortunately, they don't make good cut flowers so I enjoy them in pots on my porch. I think I like them especially well because my Grandmother loved them and seemed think they were pretty special.

This is my very 1st Hummingbird Feeder! I picked it up a week or so ago and hung it out. You can't see very well but it has a copper top and bottom and has painted daisies on the sides. I can't wait to see some little Hummers visit my
This gorgeous Hummingbird feeder was given to me as a gift this past weekend and I love it. The lovely colored glass pieces make it a work of art in itself. So far, though, no Hummers.........


  1. Wow, what beautiful flowers! And the hummingbird feeders is absolutely gorgeous!
    We have a few hummingbirds come around in August when a certain bush flowers near our deck. I really want to get a feeder this year, though!
    Have a good weekend, Belle-ah!

  2. I haven't seen those flowers before...they are lovely, and do look so much like roses.

    Your feeders are gorgeous...I'll bet that they find you soon!

    Have a wonderful weekend,


  3. I thought those begonias were roses until you said differently :)

    they're lovely...and love that hummer feeder...

  4. Belle-ah, the flowers are gorgeous and I love the feeders.

  5. Oh when I first looked, I thought they were roses! And I was so *jealous* because I'm having such a hard time, photographing my husband's Old Roses.

    Double Impatiens. Lovely. And yes, I'm sure they are perfect in porch pots. I use regular Impatiens in patio pots and love them. They just grow so full and kind of mound up.

    We have them in the little front beside-the-door-step garden too.. Red and White ones, along with some other flower, for the Blue. :-)

    "Miss" Mari-Nanci

  6. I too love watching the hummingbirds. I guess I need to put out some flowers and feeders so I too can enjoy the show.

    Your feeders are absolutely beautiful, as well as those delicate little flowers.


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