Monday, June 4, 2007

Renaissance Festival 2007

Yesterday we loaded up the Family Van and headed to the Georgia Renaissance Festival. It was a great day, sunny with a light breeze and perfect festival temperatures. Of course, my boys went totally gaga over all the swords, shields, daggers, pirates, jousting and the like. We all enjoyed the shows and the people watching was superb. It isn't just the offical workers at the festival that dress in costume but many visitors and some of the costumes quite spectacular.

The biggest Knome I have ever seen!

We even got to visit with Mother Goose and her crew!


  1. hey...I've been lookin' for a gnome for my garden... :)

  2. I'm sure your family had fun. We have a Renaissance fair here every year, as well. We've always intended to make it out there, but we haven't made it yet. I'll have to go next year.

  3. that looks so fun! i love renaissance faires.

  4. Hi! You've got me in the mood to visit the festival now. It isn't too far from me.

    I couldn't find your email to let you know this post and the other one about the festival was included in the Georgia Carnival.

    Thanks for letting us go along on your trip!


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