Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mindless but still important stuff...

So, tell me, what color do you have on your tootsies? If you haven’t already surmised I am a painted toenail kind of girl – year round! It is not just a summer thing with me and I haven’t gotten much into the “French manicures” pedicure look either. I like color and in the summer, the brighter the better.

This year I found a really cool color in a really cheapy polish that I just love. It is a color aptly called “Pink Pop” by my favorite cheap (as in price but decent quality for that cheap price) cosmetic company…Milani. For about $2.50 I have a polish that literally pops!!! It is just the color of that neon pink poster paint! You should see it under black light, the stuff just glows. Oh, and how it sets off a tan – just makes me giddy! It’s the simple things, am I right?

And, no, I can't believe I am doing a post with a photo of a foot...but it is Saturday.

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  1. Pretty cute! ,-)

    And who could resist a color called “Pink Pop”???

    I don't paint my toenails but... Mmmmmm... Maybeeeeeeeeeee... :-))))

    'Miss Mari-Nanci'


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