Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cute Chicken Coops or maybe Chicken Condos

I wanted to post these photos that I took at the Renaissance Fair last weekend for Alexa-Jane. Alexa-Jane has herself a new blog over at: which high lights some of her gorgeous artwork. She also has a new rooster that I am hoping she will mention on her blog because he is so funny! Anyway, when I saw these “coops” attached to another structure I thought of her funny, little rooster and his need for a coop of his own.


  1. Might make some squirrel homes around here..LOL!!!

  2. Love the Renisansse Faire. I used to go alot when I was A teenager. Seems like so long ago. Great blog. Stumbled in and wanted to say Hello. Jamie

  3. Thank you so much for visiting me and your sweet comments! I am enjoying reading your journal...:)

    Love the coops, sending this to my friend who loves chickens!

  4. Hi, thanks for visiting me at my blog- I love finding other women in the Atlanta vicinity to be friends with, and am glad to have met you! Especially other SAHM's.

    We are also fans of the fair tax!

  5. How fun! They seem to like their little homes, which do seem a lot like condos!

    Have a great weekend~


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