Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Road to Recovery

It has been a long week! With a sick child, the busy end of school activities and the perfect weather to be outside playing has made for quite the L-O-N-G week.

Fortunately, DH was able to take the older two to school every day and we carpool in the afternoon with another family and it was their turn to bring the kiddos home in the afternoon. That made it easier to keep the little guy home and calm. He hasn't felt like doing much anyway so that wasn't too much of a battle.

DS#2 is feeling much better. He continued to have a fever until Friday night and the coughing is still bad but he is getting better! Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers on his part.

School ended on Friday for my 2 older children so we are officially into our summer! WhoooHOOO! DD is still going to continue with her voice lessons, tennis and is taking latin this summer so she will be busy but it won't be the same as during school! Older DS will be going to sleep away camp for the 1st time and is excited about that. He will also go to a couple of day camps to improve his sports skills. Youngest DS will

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