Saturday, May 5, 2007

Heels, heels and heels

Yesterday I bought the most amazing pair of black pumps! Yes, I know they will stand along with a line of other black pumps in my closet but, hey...they are all different in various ways and they all work for different situations! The ones I got yesterday were just wonderful...tall, tiny heels and sharp pointy toes in black patent. I bought them to go with the dress I was wearing last night but have fallen so in love with these shoes that I will be trecking back out to pick up another dress that I know will go wonderfully with them (for a wedding we are going to in June).

There is just something about heels!


  1. I haven't worn heels in so long, but there's something about them that makes a gal feel all sexy and youthful ya know? Enjoy them!!

  2. For years I didn't wear heels because I was afraid I would trip and fall. About two years ago I started wearing them and now I am so used to them that flats seem uncomfortable at times. Being short I too love heels.

    Glad you found a pair you love. Have a great week.


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