Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Seersucker and a Southern Mama's Heaven

Don't cha just love it? I found the cutest little, blue seersucker suit for DS2 . The only thing better would have been if it had been an Eton Suit in seersucker but since DS2 has a big brother Etons just don't fly around here anymore.

Outside of my complete love of little men (and big ones, for that matter) in seersucker, the best part is I found it, not at the "chi chi everything is just toooo cute but also toooooo expensive boutique", but at my favorite big,red box...Target! $19.99, I do love me a whole lotta Target. Now, I just have to find some white (or if I have to settle, tan) Bucks and he will be lookin' fine!

Now that I am thinking about it, I have to return something else I bought, so since I am going to be in there I should probably pick up the other adorable suit (again $19.99). It has a cute, cute, cute plaid jacket, yellow shirt and khaki pants;... since I will be there and all!


  1. I wanted to drop by and say hello...I visit often have enjoyed it very much, and have you on my favorites list. I, too, am Southern (Memphis area), and the seersucker suit is perfect! What a great photo! And who couldn't love Target? I don't think that I've ever left empty-handed (or would want to).

    It is so nice to meet you~


  2. oh my gosh! Target!! I am going there tomorrow to see if they have any left for my little guy! ADORABLE!

  3. that is the cutest thing ever!

  4. Ohhhhh I remember dressing my boys like that for Easter. I miss those days. (not that I'm not enjoying them now) but wearing holy jeans with t-shirt just doesn't do the trick.
    I say get the other suit for 20 schmolies! That's a deal!

  5. That is too cute! I actually found my little guy a three-piece outfit (sweater vest instead of jacket) for $11 at Ross!

  6. He looks wonderful! What a little man he is!

  7. He's a doll baby! Unfortunately, hubby won't let me get The Pickle a suit, but your DS is so adorable.

  8. I saw that suit at Target and was so sad they did not have it in Beaux's size!
    Love your blog!


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