Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lusting in my heart after....

these Bunny dishes! Yes, that may seem bizarre but I can just see the perfect spring (and Easter) meal done with these.
Oh me, oh my. I think I am developing a thing for bunnies...they just make me happy. I found them on this great site:
The bathroom project is coming along fine. The paint is almost complete. The new lighting fixture is up but I haven't found the perfect little glass "cups" for each of the arms so back to the store tonight (3 trips concerning this particular item!).
Also, as the project has progressed so has some of its direction. Now, I am ordering a new shower curtain as opposed to using the one I had planned on using thanks to Barefoot over at and Ballards The downside to ordering a new shower curtian is that I will have to wait for it to arrive which will delay the completion of the project.
I am also not sure I am going to paint the cabinets -- I had planned on painting them black -- but am not so sure now. I may just paint the frame around the mirror black. I have those wooden letters painted black for each child's initial to put up. I also need to find new rugs and a trash can for in there. All the "bathroom trash cans" I have seen obviously are not intended for a bath where 3 children regularly hang out. I probably would actually be better served with a trash compactor in there!
I should add that my sweet, DH has managed to find time this weekend to paint and redo lighting, etc. this weekend and I am eternally grateful to him for it! ( Oh, and be patient as the project took on a different direction.) Thanks, sweetie.


  1. Stop the presses! If you haven't already ordered it you can get it at the outlet for 19.00. It works out especially well for me since my last initial is B, but the do have some that aren't monogrammed or have other letters. Wal-mart will monogram it for 8 dollars or less. Just a suggestion to save you a few pennies :) When I redid my bathroom it was with that shower curtain and monogrammed towels and monogrammed mats, but I embroider all my own stuff so I can get away with stammping my name on everything in creation. :) post pics when you're done!

  2. Oh, my Belle-ah...I can see why you are in love with those bunny dishes. You know I'm a bunny-aholic too & that will sometimes get you in trouble, as there are always more bunnies to bring home. I totally "get it"! Hope you can justify getting them. I adore my green bunny dishes too.

    Can't wait to see your finished bathroom. I have a shower curtain from Ballards...wonder if it's the same one you are thinking about.

    Southern Hospitality

  3. Sounds pretty busy around there! I have to admit, I can see why you love those bunny dishes. They are unique!

  4. Those dishes are cute... I will to check out that site..

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. Thought I'd come check yours out. Love love those bunny plates! I'm a huge bunny collector. I'll have to display some of my precious bunny finds on my blog. Rhoda has a good collection of bunnies as well.

  6. I'm lusting in my heart over those dishes. Love em!

  7. I'M in love with those dishes, too, Belle-ah! :D

    Good luck with your bathroom project...I hope you post pictures when it's all complete! I have to check out those sites you posted. Have a wonderful week...Blessings!


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